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  • Balkan Trip 2007

    Balkan Trip 2007

    Ist zwar schon eine Weile her, aber das Video macht immer noch Laune. Finde ich. Kommt bei den heute üblichen GoPro-Qualitäten natürlich nicht mehr ganz mit. Aber professionelle Helmkameras gab es damals einfach noch nicht. Da musste man sich seine Kamera an den Enduro-Schirm kleben, wenn man POV-Fahrvideos haben wollte. Bin seit Sommer 2007 sicher […]

  • Part 3: Southeastern Europe!

    Part 3: Southeastern Europe!

      Yesterday there had been a lot of campsites along the magistrala (8), but I just cant remember, why we´ve actually picked this one. We´re almost the only guests, and if we hadn’t been looking for the concierge yesterday, we probably wouldn’t have to pay anything I guess. Well, then again, maybe not. Nobody has […]

  • Part 2: Southeastern Europe!

    Part 2: Southeastern Europe!

    The nasty thing with the mosquito-net is: You wake up the SECOND the sun rises. And in late June, the sun rises soon. In terms of biorhythm, B.Rang is more of the owl-type and I work best in the morning. But this is too soon. I´ll have to work something out the next days.   […]

  • Part 1: Southeastern Europe!

    Part 1: Southeastern Europe!

    This would be my first long trip on a bike. When I was a teenager, me and my friends traveled to the south of France and Spain a lot – but always cramped into rather small cars, busy arguing about where to go and what to do next. This time, I wanted to do a […]